July 7, 2014

Fresh Produce

IMG_1985Delivered almost daily, our fresh and local produce includes a large array of vegetables, fruits, nuts and spices.  With racks and bins of bright and colorful foods, your family will appreciate the care Berry Town Produce takes in selecting vendors who represent the quality demands of our customers.

IMG_1483In addition to groceries and ingredients, we have daily hot lunch specials ready for pick-up at our Hammond and Ponchatoula locations. Berry Town Produce has a large freezer section with frozen vegetables and meats, frozen meals ready for the oven and even desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Visit our stores today to see why our locals love us! With three convenient markets, we can almost come to you.  Stop by and visit today, ya hear?


Fresh Ingredients

IMG_1919Berry Town Produce offers the opportunity for customers to see their food prepared right in front of them. From homemade lunches to the inclusion of peanut and almond butter making machines, our staff takes great pride in ensuring freshness from our store to your table.

The stores have fresh cookies and sweets, breads and baked goods. Local beekeepers provide delicious honey, and fisherman bring their catch right to our door – so we can help you take it to yours.


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