King Cakes

Berry Town King Cakes are made fresh daily at our market. Naturally, we specialize in Strawberry-Cream filled King Cakes, but we have many more: Cream Cheese, Bavarian Cream, Strawberry Cream filling. We ship King Cakes overnight UPS. This includes a Large King Cake, Mardi Gras beads, History of the King Cake in a Mardi Gras gift box for $70, including shipping.

Call in advance for PICKUP! (985) 345-0048.
Small (serves 8-10), $13.99; With Filling, $16.99
Medium (serves 12-14), $17.99; With Filling, $21.99
Large (serves 18-20), $22.99, With Filling, 26.99

The King Cake has been a Mardi Gras tradition for many years. Included in your cake is a small plastic baby for both those ordered online and picked up in store.

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